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Looking Glass Server in Graz, Austria

EDIS Global has direct peerings with Google, Netflix, Twitch, TikTok, Yahoo, Cloudflare, Hetzner, local mobile carriers like A1, T-Mobile and Drei/Hutchinson as well as international telecoms such as Türk Telekom, Belgacom, Hurricane Electric, Deutsche Telekom, Serbia Broadband, Neotel, T2, Netix and many more. We are connected to AMS-IX, VIX, Peering.cz, Emirates Internet Exchange - EMIX Internet Exchange points (IX) and we work with the following Transit Providers: GTT, Arelion (Telia, Twelve99), Core-Backbone, Voxility

Server Austria, Graz

Data Center: EDIS GmbH, 8042 Graz


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